Who Invented Radio? A Canadian?

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden: Over a Century of Radio

Dec. 24, 1906: The Day Radio as We Now Know It was Created

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A Brief Introduction: Reginald Fessenden "Father of Radio"

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Theatre of the Air

Cross-Canada Community Radio Celebration


Fessenden's Follies is written by playright David Fennario and was adapted for radio.


It was performed before a live audience for local community radio stations and broadcast Dec. 23/24, 2011on over 50 community radio stations in Canada, the US and in Scotland.



From the Eastern Townships of Quebec where Fessenden was born, to Fergus Ontario where his mother operated a retail store, to Niagara Falls power station where he was its first chief engineer, to Brant Rock where his first broadcast reached ships at sea.

Fessenden's Follies

a radio play to remember

Fessenden's Follies author David Fennario and Marconi's dog awaiting the word from His Master's Voice (dit, dat, dit)...

Fessenden's Follies: Video

Click the screen below to see a 4-minute excerpt from Fessenden's Follies

Fessenden's Follies Cast and Live Performance Photos (Click on the photo for more)



Fessenden and his crew slide show




From East Orange where the Edison factory generated patents on a daily basis, to the Scottish Highlands where his receiving station heard Fesenden's voice and music, to Bermuda where he taught and wrote about ancient history, Reginald Aubrey Fessenden left a legacy of innovation and inspiration.

Fessenden worked with some of the greatest men in history such as Tesla, Edison, Westinghouse, Carnege, J.P. Morgan and the list goes on.

Being enamored with the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, Fessenden set out on a quest to develop communication without the restriction of wires - thusly “Wireless” as it was to be known later.

No other scientist of his era would leave a mark, so indelible, and become a figure, so invisible.

It is a story that yearns to be heard about a person who gave so many their opportunity to be heard.





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